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The explosion of private equity capital into the middle-market over recent years has created unprecedented opportunities for small and middle sized private companies. Possibly your company has been directly approached by private equity firms. Distinguishing between the literally hundreds -- if not thousands -- of private equity firms in the marketplace is virtually impossible for a private company. Many are highly experienced, discrete, patently fair, knowledgeable, and timely in making decisions. Others, though, may not be so. The potential risk and reward to the business owner is unusually high.

  • How can Newport Acquisitions Services, LLC, help me explore the opportunity that private equity firms present?
    Newport Acquisition Services, LLC, differs from most other mergers and acquisitions firms, investment bankers, and business brokers. NAS specializes in representing buyers, in particular private equity firms. These buyers utilize NAS’s services to identify acquisition opportunities for them. Because of NAS’s close working relationships with most of the premier private equity firms in North America, we are able to quietly and efficiently introduce your company to those buyer firms that are the most appropriate. Ours is not an auction process but a precise matchmaking function. This simple but effective approach offers control, in most cases eliminates fees to brokers or intermediaries for the seller, and ensures exposure to a select number of very strong and experienced buyers.
  • What type of transactions can NAS help initiate for me?
    NAS can help private companies seeking outright sales in order to execute exit strategies, as well as companies seeking growth equity, recaps and other structures that would result in the ownership/management remaining in partnership with the investing private equity firm.
  • What size companies do NAS’s private equity clients seek?
    NAS identifies both new portfolio company opportunities and add-on acquisition opportunities for its private equity firm clients. In terms of new portfolio companies, generally the companies will have revenues between $10 and $100 million with cash flow of at least $2 million. However, for add-on acquisitions (when the private equity firm already owns a strategically complimentary company), companies can be significantly smaller if the strategic fit is strong. In general, NAS introduces healthy companies to its buyer clients, as opposed to companies in distress.
  • How about industries and geography?
    NAS works with many, many private equity buyers, each of which employs different investment strategies. As such, they have somewhat different appetites in terms of industry, size parameters, and geography. In aggregate, however, there are only a handful of areas that aren’t attractive to our clients: early stage opportunities, real estate deals, and precious metals.
  • What will it cost me to work with NAS?
    Usually nothing. NAS is representing the buyer.
  • Who should I talk to?
    Matthew Lerner is the President of NAS and can be reached at (410) 423-4848 and via email at mlerner@nas1.com.
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