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Welcome to Newport Acquisition Services, LLC

Newport Acquisition Services, LLC, (NAS) is a niche middle-market mergers and acquisitions firm concentrated on the buyside, which sources new investment opportunities for the benefit of private equity firms on both a retained and non-exclusive basis. Founded in 1989, NAS has initiated deals for an enviable list of private equity investors and corporate buyers.

The private equity industry is intensely competitive. Success is clearly predicated on investing in the right companies. Like the proverbial iceberg though, much of the deal flow in privately owned companies is below the waterline, not easily seen. Most private equity executives readily admit they don’t have the chance to see near the number of “right” deals that they should. The most successful private equity firms use all of the tools at their disposal, and NAS, on either a retained or non-exclusive basis, is such a tool.

Working with NAS affords benefits to all of the key deal constituencies: buyers/investors, sellers/private companies, sellside intermediaries and other professional services providers.

Experience You Can Trust

Matthew Lerner has been president of Newport Acquisition Services, LLC, since 1994 and is well known and respected throughout the mergers and acquisitions industry. A member of the Association for Corporate Growth, he has spoken nationally and published articles on the consolidation of various service industries.

Mr. Lerner holds a B.S. degree in finance from Virginia Tech and an M.B.A. from the College of William and Mary. He has successfully initiated the sale or acquisition of middle-market companies spanning many industries. A resident of Howard County, Maryland, Mr. Lerner is married with two children and is active in charitable and youth athletic organizations in his local community. An avid cyclist, in Spring 2015, he completed a cross-country trip from Los Angeles to Boston.

Working with NAS is a valuable proposition for each of these important constituencies.